How It Works

How it Works

We make the process of connecting you with a lender very simple so you can get the funds your business needs. To begin the process we will need to get a bit of information about you and your business. This should take as little as a few minutes to finish and does not require much information to get started.

There is no fee for filling out a form to connect with a lender. Any fees or additional requirements will come from the lender. Although we don’t know how your relationship with a lender goes after we connect you, the loan or financing terms should be outlined by your lender so you won’t be caught by surprise. There is also no obligation when you fill out one of our forms. If you don’t see a loan or financial product that meets the conditions you were hoping for, then you can still look elsewhere without being charged any extra fees.

Once you have given us your information we will search through our network to connect you with an approved lender. This will include looking at how much money you are asking for, the type of loan or financial product you need and your eligibility. This will be based on the criteria that the different lenders ask for from their clients.

Once you are connected with a lender, you may start your loan or financing process as soon as you desire. We are here to help you get the money you need to grow your business.


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